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 3 Easy Steps

Keep your existing keys and locks, only one battery is required and ready in seconds

Step 1

Attach battery-less tag onto your keys.

Step 2

Attach battery-less tag to your locks

Step 3

When you approach your locks both keys and locks will blink to notify you which key to use.

Meet Yfumble

Time is precious! Say goodbye to nail polish, caps and bulky tags. Yfumble works with bicycle locks, padlocks, and handcuffs.


Simply attach the small batteryless tag to your key. There is no noticeable added bulk to your keys.


Easily attach your lock tags with an adhesive that sticks on just about any surface!


We waste up to 7 seconds for every wrong key. Find the right key for your lock by matching the color.

Save Your Time

  1. Always find the right key
  2. Works with bicycle locks, padlocks, and handcuffs
  3. You’ll love yFumble

Why fumble with your keys?

  • I so recognize this key hassling problem every time I’m at my door! That’s why I love this simple Yfumble solution. I can’t wait for it to be available so I can buy 2 sets for my family.

    - Bob Voermans, Netherlands

  • I have this same problem every day when entering and exiting my home. This is a more elegant solution than using nail polish and it makes a great gift for my elderly parents. I cannot wait for Yfumble to be ready for sale, I needed one yesterday.

    - Micheal Hayes, Chicago

  • I have keys for home, car, various rooms, cupboards etc., and I either had to colour code them or just remember the size of the key to see what goes where.  I would definitely purchase Yfumble just so that my family and I could be more organized.

    - Marissa, Tokyo

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