Newsday newspaper Interviews Yfumble

EVER stood at your door or gate with a bunch of keys, only to waste valuable minutes trying to get the right key into the right lock? Have you tried coloured tags and key rings but to no avail? Soon there may be no need to fumble, as an innovative young Trinidadian is charting new […]

Trinidadian Lifestyle Magazine ‘Paradise Pulse’ speaks to Yfumble

What’s it like being an inventor? What does an inventor do in his spare time? Paradise Pulse spoke with Kevan Sinanan, the dynamic young inventor of Yfumble, a revolutionary device that promises you will never have problems identifying which key on your bunch to use on a lock. Kevan tells us all about his invention […]

Yfumble appears on Planting Seeds TV show

Yfumble’s CEO Kevan Sinanan appeared on the local TV Show “Planting Seeds” to pitch his idea to investors. Did he impress the investors? Watch here to find out : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUi7_olzH_4 All Rights Reserved by Planting Seeds Caribbean Limited

Yfumble’s participation in CARIRI Hatchery Program

On October 15th 2016, the CARIRI Business Hatchery held its Cycle #7B Fulfilment Ceremony. Lead Consultant Mrs. Sherese Chee Mook thanked the graduates for the time and effort they committed. She further stated that they were able to build the ladder while climbing. A past graduate, Mr. Kevan Sinanan who is the owner of Yfumble […]

Yfumble on TV6 News Trinidad and Tobago

Local news station CCN TV 6 ( https://twitter.com/tv6tnt ) ran a brief clip in its technology segment where Yfumble was mentioned. You can view the clip here courtesy of CCN TV6. https://youtu.be/Tc9T02xAxCA

YFUMBLE on Planting Seeds

Kevan Sinanan walked onto the set of the Planting Seeds TV show anxiously clenching the Yfumble invention that he had engineered in his garage, a gadget made to identify keys faster.   When he made his pitch, not only was he sharing his vision with a panel of investors, but he was also presenting his product to viewers […]